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Dr. Srba Mijailovich

Dr. Mijailovich received his PhD in mechanical engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Cambridge, Massachusetts, in 1991. He is a Research Professor for computational mechanobiology at the Department of Biology at IIT. His research interests are in developing quantitative approaches to study biological systems at multiple levels of organization (i.e. multiscale modeling). In particular, he is leading the development of a theoretical framework that will advance our understanding of how cellular and subcellular phenomena integrate to dynamic behavior of physiological systems, based on the kinetics of underlying molecular processes. These theoretical advances are the foundation for the development of computational platforms to study the interplay between mechanical forces, cell biology, and integrated organ physiology.


1986 - 1991

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Doctor of Philosophy

1979 - 1981

University of Belgrade

Master of Science

1970 - 1975

University of Belgrade

Bachelor of Science

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