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Airway Narrowing

Airway Narrowing In this study, we quantitatively examine mucosal folding and excessive narrowing in a contracting airway. The principal aim is to quantitatively determine deformation of the cell, and tractions between the cells, or between cell-extracellular matrix. The quantitative simulations provide: (i) linkage between underlying molecular processes, the geometry of the airway wall, and the airway hyperresponsiveness to contractile stimuli; (ii) the deformations experienced by tissues and single cells in the constricting airway; (iii) interfacial tractions (stresses) between the layers, especially at the points of extremely large deformation, and (iv) variations in stress and strain at the sub-cellular level. These points are critical to our understanding of the role of mechanical forces on regulation of signaling, gene expression, and fibrosis in the airway wall.

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